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Why feed your horse PharmaHorse Vitamin E Excellent horse?

The combination of vitamin  E, selenium, L-Lysine and MSM plays a key role in building and maintaining muscle mass and eliminating muscle waste. Vitamin  E is an essential nutritional supplement for horses that regularly perform intense muscle activity. The product contains a very high and safe dose of vitamin E and MSM, which makes vitamin E easy to dose.


Vitamin E is a nutrient that helps the body eliminate waste, including muscle waste (such as lactic acid). Vitamin E also plays a key role in the absorption of oxygen in the lungs. The need for vitamin E is highest among sport horses, lactating mares and breeding horses.

Horses with vitamin E deficiency have difficulty calming/relaxing their muscles and do not recover well after intense exertion sometimes even to the point of muscle spasms.




The supplement Vitamin E Excellent is 100% guaranteed as a supplement without added sugar. Sugars don't always appear as sugars. Added sugar and sweeteners in food supplements will sometimes appear as: apple flavor, dextrose, sucrose, and dextrose. Permahorse does not use any kind of sugar or sweeteners and thus sets itself apart from other suppliers. All our products do not include additives or other flavorings.

Many professionals and veterinarians already use Parahorse supplements.

Click here to read the opinions of well-known professionals and veterinarians.


pay attention:

The vitamin supplementE ExcellentParahorse's also contains MSM.

Read more here about the recommended daily dose ofMSM.

Vitamin E Excellent horse

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