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PharmaHorse Magnesium Glycinate for horses

Magnesium contributes to multiple functions in the horse's body. Magnesium, for example, has a positive effect on the functioning of the nervous system and the mineral is good for the state of mind. Furthermore, Magnesium improves the concentration capacities and plays a role in keeping the muscles supple and the bones strong.

Magnesium citrate or Magnesium Glycinate
In addition to Magnesium citrate, we also offer Magnesium Glycinate. Both are organic magnesium compounds. Magnesium Glycinate is chelated with two molecules of the amino acid Glycine. The result is that Magnesium is considered by the body to be an amino acid and will only be absorbed in the small intestines by means of amino acid receptors. Magnesium citrate is first absorbed by the body in the gastrointestinal tract. For horses that have problems taking nutrients or have a severe shortage of magnesium, taking Magnesium citrate might not be sufficient. We then advise giving them Magnesium Glycinate. 


Caution: Horses with poor kidney function may only be given magnesium in consultation with a veterinarian! 

8 grams of Magnesium Glycinate contains approx. 912 mg Elementary Magnesium.


Storage recommendation:
The product should be stored in a cool, dry place in the original packaging, beyond the reach of children.


PharmaHorse Magnesium Glycinate is 100% free of added sugars. Sugars are not always listed as sugar. Common sugars and sweeteners in supplements are apple aroma, dextrose, sucrose and grape sugar. PharmaHorse does not use any sugars or sweeteners and therefore stands apart from other suppliers. Our products also do not contain other fillers or flavourings. 


Blog: Why is our information so concise?


This product is a feed material for horses and is only suitable for horses and ponies. We use human-grade quality ingredients, which guarantees high quality. Nevertheless, because of the size of the measuring spoon and the advised dose, the labelling of this product recommends that you only use it for ponies and horses.

This product is not a medicine and has no medicinal effects. Food supplements are not replacements for a healthy lifestyle with a variety of well-balanced food. Therefore, if your horse is sick or has a medical disorder, it is important to contact a veterinarian.

Magnesium Glycinate

Product will be delivered within 2 months of order
  • Composition 
    Magnesium Glycinate 100% pure (Human Grade Quality)
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