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Why give your horse Paramahorse fenugreek?

Parahorse fenugreek  (Latin name,(Trigonella foenum-gracumIt is a very nutritious supplement and supports the horse's general condition regarding the effect of fenugreek on many body systems. Fenugreek is naturally rich in fats, vitaminsA, B, C, E, , phosphorus and copper. Fenugreek helps the digestive system, increases milk production and improves the immune system. Fenugreek also contributes to a healthy and shiny coat. The fenugreek from Parahorse also acts as an antiseptic and soothing agent and can be used to treat wounds, abscesses.

While fenugreek has many uses, it is particularly known for its positive effect on the respiratory tract.

Parahorse fenugreek can be used in combination with the Parahorse garlic supplement. These herbs complement each other and contain substances that optimize their absorption. That's why we recommend a mixture of fenugreek and garlic called ParmahorseFenugreek.




The Parahorse fenugreek supplement is 100% guaranteed as a supplement without added sugar. Sugars don't always appear as sugars. Additions of sugar and sweeteners in food supplements will sometimes appear as: apple flavor, dextrose, sucrose, and dextrose. Permahorse does not use any type of sugar or sweeteners and thus sets itself apart from other suppliers. All our products do not include additives or other flavorings.

Many professionals and veterinarians already use Parahorse supplements.

Click here to read the opinions of well-known professionals and veterinarians.

Foenegriek - fenugreek for a horse

Product will be delivered within 2 months of order
    • Pony: 1.5 measuring spoons per day
    • Horse: 3 measuring spoons a day

    One measuring spoon is about 10 grams.

    It is possible to mix this supplement with your horse's daily diet.

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