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Arti-Gold is the most complete supplement for obtaining more flexibilityjoints. It is dual action: on the one hand it contains many ingredients for maintaining the cartilage, on the other hand it has a soothingaction on the whole of the locomotor system.


Arti-Gold contains a high dose of chondroitin and glucosamine in order to provide nutrients for the cartilage. Also, Arti-Gold is rich in minerals, amino acids and antioxidants (MSM, vitamin E,...) which make an importantcontribution in the development of cartilage, bones, joint fluid etc.


Arti-Gold can be administered preventively to young horses in trainingto support the overload of the joints.Toadult horses that show slight

irregularity, and for the general comfort of senior horses. Administration of Arti-Gold after OCD surgery will noticeably speed up the recovery process.


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    • In periods when the locomotive system is under a heavy load
    • Chronic cartilage damage
    • After orthopedic surgery (horses from which OCD fragments areremoved from the joint)
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