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תוסף אנרגיה לימי תחרות ופעילות מוגברת

טופ-קומפטישן הינו תוסף מזון עשיר בויטמינים, נוגדי חמצון וחומצות אמינו לתמיכה בפעילות שרירית והגברת האנרגיה הזמינה לתנועה. נוגדי החמצון ותמציות הצמחים תומכים בהתאוששות ובפעילות מערכת החיסון.

מתאים לסוסי ספורט - להגברת כוח ואנרגיה, להתאוששות מואצת ולהפחתת נזקים מפעילות מאומצת במיוחד.

טופ-קופטישן הינו מוצר 'Doping-Free'


Top-Competition is a supplement that has been developed specially to support sport horses. Horses that have to exert themselves strenuously, often for several days, can suffer from muscle fatigue, a drop in energy, (mild) joint pain and reduced immunity. All these factors contribute to suboptimal performance.


Top-Competition contains ingredients that are active as an anti-oxidant, make the muscles and joints more supple and increase energy levels. As a result of this horses display increased strength, greater suppleness, more rapid recovery and increased resistance.
Due to the presence of both vitamins (B, C and E) and amino acids it increases energy and stimulates immunity. The presence of anti-oxidants, vitamin E, curcuma longa, boswellia serrata and ananas comosus reduces cell damage and increases recovery after exertion. As well as having an action as an antioxidant, curcuma, ribes nigrum and ananas comosus also have a soothing and suppling effect on the joints and muscles. Top-Competition is an all-in-one, doping-free product that does away with the need for many other feed supplements (such as extra vitamins, amino acids, etc.) in competitions


No doping substances



1,360.00 ₪ מחיר רגיל
680.00 ₪מחיר מבצע
אזל מהמלאי
  • • In sport horses - for increased strength and energy
    • Accelerated recovery
    • Reduced cellular damage after strenuous efforts

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