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Respitop | Clears the airways

Respitop has been specially developed with high-quality herbs for a healthy and clean respiratory system. Competition horses are particularly susceptible for respiratory problems due to being transported for long periods, stress (reduced resistance) and many contacts with horses they do not know.

Respitop can help your horse’s respiratory system by its soothing effect on the throat and by keeping the airways clear. It is a liquid, doping-free supplement rich in natural ingredients.


These ingredients ensure that excess mucus is dissolved and the airways will clear. Numerous plant extracts have been used: Pimpinella anisum, thymus vulgaris, eucalyptus,… to contribute to a healthy respiratory system. Glycerin and honey have a soothing effect on the throat. Propolis has been added because of its natural antibacterial effect.


No doping substances


330.00 ₪מחיר
אזל מהמלאי
    • Horse cough
    • Wheezing horses
    • Dust-sensitive horses
    • As a course of treatment to help the airways in viral infections
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