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PharmaHorse Vetwrap is a self-adhering elastic bandage. Vetwrap is thé product to firmly apply bandages on your horse (or dog). Did your horse hurt himself at the coronet? Vetwrap can be perfectly used to bandage the hooves. In combination with sterile gauze pads and cotton wool bandage, you will protect the injury from dirt, such as sand and manure. Vetwrap is not water repellent. In case of an injury, always consult your vet first. 

Although Vetwrap has a self-adhesive property, it does not stick to the animals fur. Making it easy, painless and quick to remove without the use of scissors. Bandaging the tail of a pregnant mare prior foaling? Vetwrap stays in place without damaging the tail. 

PharmaHorse Vetwrap

75.00 ₪מחיר
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