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Why feed your horse MethylSulfonyMethane - Pharmahorse MSM?

of course thatMSMrich in sulfur(sulphur). Sulfur functions naturally in all living things.


MSMVery well received by horses.

FarmahorseMSMIt is a product made from raw materials that have been approved for human use. That's why we guarantee a good and pure product!

MSMIt is a recommended product for sport horses. Sulfur plays a role in the production of collagen. Collagen is the most important component of connective tissue and cartilage.

The tissues are composed of proteins, and are held together by a sulfur compound. These flexible compounds ensure that the connective tissue and cartilage remain elastic.

The Parahorse MSM product contains 34% sulfur.



It is possible to combine the use of ParahorseMSMWith all Parahorse products.



FarmahorseMSMis not the first product containingMSM, but is one of the only ones that contain 100%MSMwhich is also suitable for human consumption. Parahorse distinguishes itself by the quality of this product.


pay attention!

Apple aroma, dextrose and other sugars contain significantly cheaper raw materials that mix. Be careful not to mistake it for other MSM products on the market. Our MSM contains only pure MSM without flavorings and additives. 

Parahorse MSM is used by many professional riders and veterinarians.

Click here for the opinion and experience of well-known riders and veterinarians.



The Parahorse MSM supplement is 100% guaranteed as a supplement without added sugar. Sugars don't always appear as sugars. Additions of sugar and sweeteners in food supplements will sometimes appear as: apple flavor, dextrose, sucrose, and dextrose. Permahorse does not use any type of sugar or sweeteners and thus sets itself apart from other suppliers. All our products do not include additives or other flavorings.

Many professionals and veterinarians already use Parahorse supplements.

Click here to read the opinions of well-known professionals and veterinarians.


MSM horse

  • Quantity:

    Pony (about 300 kg) - 3 measuring spoons per day

    Horse (about 600 kg) - 6 measuring spoons per day

    One measuring spoon is about 2 grams.

    It is possible to mix this supplement with your horse's daily diet.

    The recommended daily amountto MSMIt is 2 grams in relation to 100 kg of body weight.

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