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Global Medics Medi Clay is a cooling clay used mainly on the lower legs of the horse. It contributes to an improved blood circulation and has a cooling and soothing effect on heavily loaded legs and tendons. Medi Clay can be used with horses in rehabilitation after an injury or with horses that are making heavy physical efforts. As a result of heavy training or competition, the horse's legs may feel slightly swollen and/or tired the day after. The use of Medi Clay ensures that the horse's legs dry out nicely and that waste materials are removed. The clay has a long-lasting cooling effect and reduces swelling by its soothing effect on inflammatory reactions in the body.

Medi Clay - 3kg חימר לקירור והרגעה שרירים

430.00 ₪ מחיר רגיל
279.50 ₪מחיר מבצע
אזל מהמלאי
  • מכיל שמנים ותמציות צמחים.

    Medi Clay contains kaolin and bentonite. These ingredients have an absorbing effect and extract toxins from the body. They are rich in minerals, iron, magnesium, calcium, sodium and zinc.

    Detailed composition: Kaolin, ferrous sulphate, glycerine, zinc oxide, mentha piperita and menthol crystals

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